Below are some videos I shot and/or edited and some animations I've made. Check out my youtube channel "75BUNNIES" for more videos.

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Outer and Event Horizon "Kiss Me Once"
I filmed and edited this young lad's music video for his upcoming album back in 2010

Bucky Fereke "(I Think Our Love Is) Comin' To An End"

Logo Animation - Xcitex, Inc.

Bucky Fereke & The Pony Express - "The Wheel")

Bucky Fereke & The Pony Express - "Flyin' Through The Ages")

Whistle Jacket - "Compliment" (Live at PA's Lounge - Cambridge, MA)

Logo Animation

Bucky Fereke & The Pony Express - "High Horse"

Bucky Fereke & The Pony Express - "Cut Her Down"

Mastertrack - "Times"

15 Seconds Of Winter
I did the video editing for songwriter/musician Darryl Blood's music video below.
Video was shot by Wendy Fletcher

I edited this video below for the Manchvegas Roller Girls roller derby team, and shot most of it: